Structural Drafting/Detailing/Design Skills


To offer and provide quality Structural drafting, detailing and design work with 25+
years of experience. I know the importance of meeting deadlines, working as a team to
get the job done, no matter how big or small it may be.
I have utilized my knowledge, skills and training to the Industrial, Commercial and
Architectural fields. Structural projects that I have been involved with have contained
civil, piping, mechanical, electrical and architectural means that had to be considered
while laying steel or foundation work out for the projects. Steel detailing projects
consisted of detailing beams, columns, stairs, handrails, trusses, pipe bridges and
miscellaneous for the commercial and industrial industries.


*  Skilled in Autocad Release 11 thru 2015
*  Skilled in the Steel detailing program SSDCP
*  Certificate in the Steel detailing program SDS2
*  Skilled in Inventor 3d
*  Detailed items for shop fabrication
*  Checks shop drawings
*  Creates general arrangements for engineers and clients
*  Composes design drawings for engineers and clients
*  Creates demolition packages
*  Researches and compiles vendor data
*  Field verifies items for new and/or existing situations
*  Update drawings per as-built by field work or pictures
*  Structural steel inspections
*  Creates Structural steel inspection photo reports


I have been self-employed since January, 2013. On most jobs I usually work from home but
I have worked in the offices that hired me out to do the tasks at hand.
Work experience and references can be provided by request.

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