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Color, rhythm, pattern and process is an appropriate depiction for the paintings that I create. I am Cindy I. Smith, an abstract painter residing in a live/work space in an old warehouse near downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

My paintings are a combination of acrylic paints and permanent ink applied to canvas, panel board, wood or paper. Texture and surface treatments are very important miens of my work in order for each painting to have their own distinctiveness.

The way I approach an abstract painting is to start with an inspiration or idea that is usually influenced from nature and colors. My work is spontaneous as it is being created and this is where I trust my instincts with the mediums that I’m applying to the canvas, panel board, wood or paper surface.

The process and rhythm of laying multiple colors of paint down on a surface and then using a squeegee to remove and add colors is very freeing and ends up being abstract. The line work that I incorporate in my paintings are organic and path like. My line work is applied on top of the abstract, a tension is formed that pulls them together. The uncertainty and budding sense of discovery of these processes is what is so exciting to me as the artist.

My ultimate goal is to create a compelling work of abstract art that engages the viewer, is endlessly absorbing and nurtures a meaningful dialogue.

Cindy I. Smith

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